Seven and a Half-Life

African tribal inspired print. In it, organized chaos, depth and richness

I want to live the one street life,

Where I do get sad, and cry.

Where I see beauty, and love.

Where I hear the music playing, and dance.

And when I see a blossoming flower,

I admire.

I want to live the great man’s life,

Where I conjure great ideas, and build.

Where I create opportunities, and empower.

Where I do have a notebook, and write.

And when I crack open noteworthy texts,

I read.

I want to live the participatory life,

Where I am with family, and belong:

a son, a daughter, a brother, a sister. A mother. A father.

And when my community beckons, above self,

I serve.

I want to live the life of adventure,

Where I seek travel destinations, and go.

Where I meet new people, new cultures, and revel.

And when I get served new food,

I eat.

I wanna live the faithful life.

Where I believe in over powers, and pray.

Where I aspire to honesty, and tell the truth.

Where I do consider danger, necessity, and lie.

And when my loyalties are tested, morality questioned, stronger,

I’d stand.

I want to live the progressive life.

Where I grow, and learn.

Where I fail, get back to rock bottom, and restart.

And when I am the broken piece,

I mend.

I want to live the many lives.

In one life, I feel.

In a second, I build.

In another, I contribute.

In a heavenly light, I believe.

In many places, I experience.

And as always, I learn.

I wanna live the fulfilled life.

Where when I am still alive, I live.

And when the time comes, I die.


This is a piece I first drafted in June, 2017.

Like I considered incomplete then, I still do now.

Life, to me, is a thrill yet to be filled with its many twisty mysteries.

One is never really enough 😉


— J




Thought Nomad

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Thought Nomad

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